Thursday, February 27, 2014

Return of The Filo

For quite some time now I've been busy at work trying to get as much stuff done as possible.
I've accomplished this by using a nice mix of Evernote for my reference materials, iCal as my calendar and Omnifocus as my task-manager.

This worked really well but this last last something happened.
As I was preparing to take a three month break from work (where colleagues will be taking care of my assignments) I needed to catch up on, finish, organise, postpone and most importantly delegate all of my tasks.

In dealing with this kind of workload my digitally based system didn't work and I found myself making lists on paper and keeping physical files for each of my areas of responsibility!
This worked like a charm!!!

During my break from work I have therefore decided to dust off my old Filofax Hamilton A5 and give it another spin to see how it'll work during this period.

I'll keep this blog updated and will also he posting some photos of the FF out and about!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Arguments against the Filofax #1: Efficiency and maintenance

With every new Apple device being released and every keynote I see, I always seem to bring out my iPad/iPod touch setup for a little re-evaluation!
I had begun moving my GTD-system into my new FF Finchley which is a rather tiresome task (handwriting 164 projects and almost 1200 actions which my current system consists of).
Doing this made me realize that the electronic format of keeping lists and calendars up-to-date and running, is a extremely convenient way of going about... Everything is everywhere at all times and can easily be accessed from wherever I need it.
Instead of having to handwrite each and every action on the respective page/list in my GTD-system I just punch it in and easily have it accessible everywhere! (This off cause is exactly the thing I love about using a Filofax).
But in keeping with the title; An argument against the Filofax is that fact that it is not as efficient as using an iPhone for instance and it does not sync easily and you data is not available everywhere...
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Sunday, September 23, 2012

There is something rotten in the state of Filo

In an interview with SLAM PRs MD Helena Bloomer she spoke about various clients, among other Filofax. The interview
This spurred quite a stir in the Filofax-community which came as a surprise to me as I didn't find it all that disturbing.

David Popely wrote an open letter as a reply to this which was posted on nearly all Filofax-related sites. Even though it's a wonderful letter, since I do not agree with the points being made, I will refrain from posting it here, but only refer to it.

I mean, why are people getting upset about someone claiming that Filofax-users like to write notes? I write notes in my Filofax all the time and love doing so!
Saying that Filofax-users are very interested in "fashion/stylish accessories" cannot be all that wrong either... Many talk, take pictures, think about, dream about what Filofax one should buy next, how they smell and feel.... Seems to me that could be seen as an interest in a stylish accessory...

I wanna be organized but still maintain a stylish, classy and some would maybe say old fashioned flair of a leather planner. This I truly feel the Filofax-brand provide me with!

The interesting thing about and the challenge to a company like Filofax is exactly how to stay relevant and involved in people's lives in the digital-age!
How to brand oneself as product that can contain "your life in your hands" like the Ashley Temperly-line states...

Best regards,

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Arguments in favour of the Filofax #1: Reference materials

I've been using an iPad and iPod touch as two central parts of my GTD-system, but have on a rather reoccurring basis been drawn back to the analog tools - hence this entire blogs existence actually.

All of a sudden it occurred to me! The reason for me not getting quite comfortable with the GTD on iPad-solution is the critical lack of a good project-material-storage-place!

On the iPad in OmniFocus I can maintain all of my lists, contexts etc., but I have no way a keeping a working reference section or a collection of notes for each project. This could be done in Evernote or something like that, but the tactile feeling and versatility of a looseleaf notebook cannot be beat!

Therefore, the first argument in favor of the Filofax compared to using digital is the simple fact that paper asked materials still make up most of our day-to-day workflow (at least mine) and having the ability to quickly reference these is a major factor n maintaining an effective and productive workflow.

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Work in progress and working...

Getting started in my new job as a CEO of a small public administration my system got put to a serious test!
My day basically consists of dealing with a large variety of requests and people with all sorts of problem that needs solving. This comes to me by email, phone and in person so I need to be able to keep track of information and jot down things all the time.
A growing amount of paper based materials make the digital format difficult to maintain as do the fact that the main work-database is not accessible from anywhere but at my desk.

So I need to have some sort of analog-based folder that can keep track of various messages, sheets of paper and list all of which change almost daily!

Enter, the Finchley A5 Filofax!
I noticed that the Finchley went on sale some time ago in the Danish FF-store so I waited until it also went on spa 50% sale in the Swedish store because the exchange-rate is much better and the shipping is cheaper to Norway where I live.

Got it this morning and compared to my A5 Classic this is just a totally different experience! The leather, craftsmanship and quality is beyond comparison! Whereas the classic seems glossy, plasticky and a little too bulky for my taste, the Finchley is so nice, smooth as well as classy! I LOVE IT!

I quickly got my files into it and began setting it up and will be tweaking it for the next week or so while I integrate it into my workflow.

Stay tuned...

Monday, June 4, 2012

Breaking back...

Hi there...

After almost a year of silence, I´m reviving this blog. Been finishing the degree, becoming a father and getting my first job definitely took some time and what had to go was this.

But, now I´m gonna make an effort into writing on a regular basis about the joys and frustrations of being a productivity-geek and constantly trying to figure out the best way to get things done.

Last summer I migrated to an Apple-based electronic system of an iPad running iCal and Omnifocus (and a ton of other cool things of course...). It all synced to my Mac and my iPod Touch and worked wonderfully. I spend a one-and-a-half hour commute two times every day to work and was able to do this without bringing my laptop and just using my iPad. The relief of this was worth the price of the iPad, I think.
I synced documents via Dropbox and it worked like a charm for most of the time. Some times I got the weary feeling of lack of control and even fewer times (luckily) they were true. One time, before a major presentation all of my documents in iCloud were locked and I could not do anything for two terrible hours!

Going back and forth, I finally caved in this afternoon and bought myself a new set of Week-on-two-pages inserts for my old Filofax Hamilton (personal size). I´m beginning to feel a heightened sense of control already and cannot wait until I get it up and running completely.

More on this will follow...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inspirational reading...

Just wanted to point you in the direction of Mike Vardy's excellent article on GTDtimes on the benefits of paper-based systems: The case for paper-based productivity

Absolutely awesome!!!