Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Setting up analog-system

I have been reading a lot of blogs around the web about Filofax and decided to give it a try.
Especially Philofaxy has been a huge inspiration and I recommend them for everyone under the Filofax-bug.

I´ve just ordered my first Filofax. Found a used Hamilton Personal Filofax (just 10 pounds!).

Waiting for it to arrive now and can´t wait to start organizing.

Some thoughts on why I´m making the switch:
1) I find an electronic system (Omnifocus) is going stale and therefore not being used as much and effective as it could.
2) The datainput-process is too tiresome and not as elegant as I could be - this has something to do with electronics not satisfying my "cool-ness/nice-ness"-need...
3) I was getting increasingly annoyed of being connected all the time and, more importantly, being connected whenever I was working my system. I experienced being tempted into doing websurfing etc. instead of getting things done, because I was using my Mac or iPod as my organizer.

I will be posting some pictures and explainations as to how the process of implementing my system in a Filofax.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Digital vs. analog

Reading an article in the latest issue of British Esquire about how much part of our lives the digital medias are, I got to thinking about my own relationship and use of digital on an everyday basis.

The article (part of it found here: describes how "addicted" most of us are to the digital stuff that fill up our lives.
PDA, iPods/iPhones, Facebook, Twitter etc. etc. For instance, having a Blackberry or iPhone actually makes most people work an entire week for free every year, because they simple never turns the damn thing off and therefore always are available for work-related matters...

But the thing that really made my bell ring, was the idea of people actually getting more and more distant from eachother as a result of social digital medias such as Facebook.
That really made me think of the way I myself had begun using Facebook more and more to stay in touch with friends far away. Why don´t I just pick up the phone and give them a call???

Furthermore it got me thinking if I really need all the parts of my digital stuff (iPod Touch running Omnifocus for my GTD-system, Laptop and cell phone).
The phone is quite necessary for keeping in touch when I´m out and about, but having the ability (and more importantly the need) to check email when I´m out, I don´t really need.

I new years resolution is therefore:
To decrease my own addiction to digital medias. Staying more disconnected and thereby getting more productive and more connected to the people and the world  around me.


Hallo there

Welcome to my blog.

I will be writing about a variety of topics that occupy me and my life - Photography, GTD (Getting Things Done), modern life in general and particularly the theme of digital living becoming the norm - whether or not thats a good thing, I don´t know...

Anyway, I hope you will find some use of reading these posts and feel free to comment...