Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Setting up analog-system

I have been reading a lot of blogs around the web about Filofax and decided to give it a try.
Especially Philofaxy has been a huge inspiration and I recommend them for everyone under the Filofax-bug.

I´ve just ordered my first Filofax. Found a used Hamilton Personal Filofax (just 10 pounds!).

Waiting for it to arrive now and can´t wait to start organizing.

Some thoughts on why I´m making the switch:
1) I find an electronic system (Omnifocus) is going stale and therefore not being used as much and effective as it could.
2) The datainput-process is too tiresome and not as elegant as I could be - this has something to do with electronics not satisfying my "cool-ness/nice-ness"-need...
3) I was getting increasingly annoyed of being connected all the time and, more importantly, being connected whenever I was working my system. I experienced being tempted into doing websurfing etc. instead of getting things done, because I was using my Mac or iPod as my organizer.

I will be posting some pictures and explainations as to how the process of implementing my system in a Filofax.

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  1. All the best with your switch to Filofax. I was a Palm user for years and towards the end did the back and forth dance between digital and analog. Now I am a Filofax user and very little pull to go back to digital. As you mention, I find it so much less distracting to use than any system on my laptop. I've been using Filofax for about a year, now using an A5 Kendal which I just got a week ago. I look forward to hear how you setup your Filofax for GTD.