Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Inspirational reading...

Just wanted to point you in the direction of Mike Vardy's excellent article on GTDtimes on the benefits of paper-based systems: The case for paper-based productivity

Absolutely awesome!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

What apps do I really need???

Warning: Semi-philosophical content!!!

Just got a thought after listening to one of the episodes of the Bro Show.
They were talking about what kind of apps you need having on your smartphone.

Their thoughts was brought about as they discussed cool new iPhone-apps, for instance a digital compass that is always with you, but do you really need them? As they said "If I was the kind of person, who needs a compass in my everyday life, I would have a real compass with me. And if I all of a sudden found me in a situation that required me having a compass, I´m already in so much trouble that my smartphone won´t be able to help me"... (lol).

Now, off cause, I´m not a big fan of the smartphones, as I stated earlier on this blog. And it may seem that they were preaching to the choir, but it still made me want to share it.

What is it that makes us carry around so much stuff all the time, that we don´t really need???

I need a calendar, I need my GTD-lists and I need some sort of capture-tool (pad of paper etc.).
That is (in addition to wallet, money, keys etc.) really all I need and I like this fact!
Though a lot of the extras, such as an internet-connected device are nice to have with me, they are not life-critical!
I think many people bring a lot of stuff with them on an everyday basis that they think they need but do not really need.
But what is really interesting is that bringing these thing makes them neccesary to bring. You sort of get into this line of thought that I can´t leave the house without this or that... But have you ever really tried doing it and experienced how it is?

Letting your self experience without interference.... When´s the last time you tried it???   

Monday, March 21, 2011

My GTD-Set-up:

Hello everyone

Finally I got the time to sit dow, photograph and post my current Filofax-GTD-system.

I will show you how I´ve set up my Filofax and how I´ve implemented GTD into my use of the planner.

Hope you find it useful.

First of all, my Hamilton Filofax Personal Planner.
I got it for something like 10 pounds on the web (a lot of good cheep stuff out there to find).

I have labeled the 7 different panes of the regular Filofax-indexes with a Dymo-labeler to include my various uses. This will probably change quite a lot...

I have the top tab for indicating where the calendar-part starts, but I don´t really use it that much. I use the daily-ruler for flipping to today 99% of the time.

The month-tab:

Works nicely for overview, but I find that I don´t fill in all the data from my weekly calendar, so it´s mostly used for quick reference which is ok.

The job-tab:

I work parttime as an assistant editor and I have dedicated a tab for this particular job as it is very much on and off. It allmost becomes sort of context/agenda-type collection of notes all related to this particular job. (My main job is part of my general system i.e. next actions, errands etc.

Actions-tab: Include Next Actions and Errands

Next actions (GTD-Style): All my very next actions - things to get done as soon as possible - go in here.

Errands - stuff to get or do whenever I´m out and about

Waiting for-tab:

Waiting for-list of all the things out of my hands. People borrowing things from me, having to get back to me right now etc. etc.


Divided into Things to do soon and Things to do someday/maybe which makes to sort of wish-lists. Works great during the weekly review to promote things from the someday/maybe-list to the things to do soon-list.

Is blank right now. My next project!


Projects all listed alphabetically. Don´t know if it´s the way to go, but it works (sort of) for now.
Problem is that some reference-type lists makes their way into the register, which I don´t really need to review every week.
Solution could be to use one of the other tabs to projects only and keeping reference in the alphabeth-register...


Not much explaination needed - it´s a calendar! Will probably go for the week-per-two-pages next, maybe this summer. Great advice I got from the comments to one of my earlier posts of putting the calendar further towards the back. It made it much easier to write on the left side of the Filofax.

In addition to these tabs, I have credit-cards, membershipcards, etc in the front pockets, some index-cards in the back-pocket and the labels in the inside pocket.

I switch between using the great Pilot G2 Limited Pen (basically a fancy-made pen using the same G2 Gel refills as the cheep Pilot pens) and a pencil (I´m probably going to buy a Kuru Toga Pencil soon).

That´s my system for you. Pretty basic GTD, but with some future tweeking I think I´m pretty well off to settle on something good.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Filofax iOS Update needed??? I don´t think so (aka "Apple just lost a customer - sort of...")

Yesterday I decided on going back to my "old" digital system of iCal and Omnifocus. Mostly because I got annoyed of the hassle of having to write across the rings in my Filofax.

But, loh behold, Apple send me an email telling me that my iPod Touch (1st gen) would not be able to use the mobile-me calender after may 5th.
What is that all about? Do they seriously expect me to run out and get a new iPod Touch just to keep on using their service??

Well, my decision has now been reversed.
My Filofax does not all of a sudden need to update. My data will always be there (unless a catastrophe occurs). I won´t have to worry about syncing etc. etc. etc.

Thanks to all the people giving me advice on my last post - really helped a lot!
Thanks to Apple (in some strange way) to convince me once and for all that analog is the way to go... Funny how stuff turns out...

Off topic:
Listening to Episode 13 of the Enough-podcast which is great. Patrick Rhone is talking about how dependent he and everyone else is on his smartphone - cyborg-like-connectivity... Interesting stuff, but rather scary at the same time...

Monday, March 14, 2011


I´m having doubts as to whether or not Filofax is my planner of choice.
The main issue is that I find it too difficult to write on the left hand side of the
spread - the rings are in the way and as a result the writing becomes really ugly.
And that disturbs my need for order!

How do people solve this???

I´ve been leaning toward breaking out my electronic system again and since
I´m working increasingly on a computer - aren´t we all - it´s beginning to make
more and more sense.

Monday, February 7, 2011


Just read a really interesting article: iPhone addiction

It proves my point about how dependent people become of their electronic gadgets.
One of my main arguments for going analog is the fact that I don´t want to have to be online all the time and felt the constant syncing back and forth between the various devices just became too excessive.

Since I made the switch to an analog system, I have experienced a far greater relaxation (widely due to GTD), but far more than when I used OminFocus. I have also been relating much more intensely to people and staying focused for longer periods of time is much easier.

Basically, Getting Things Done are easier (for me) the analog way!!!