Friday, April 1, 2011

What apps do I really need???

Warning: Semi-philosophical content!!!

Just got a thought after listening to one of the episodes of the Bro Show.
They were talking about what kind of apps you need having on your smartphone.

Their thoughts was brought about as they discussed cool new iPhone-apps, for instance a digital compass that is always with you, but do you really need them? As they said "If I was the kind of person, who needs a compass in my everyday life, I would have a real compass with me. And if I all of a sudden found me in a situation that required me having a compass, I´m already in so much trouble that my smartphone won´t be able to help me"... (lol).

Now, off cause, I´m not a big fan of the smartphones, as I stated earlier on this blog. And it may seem that they were preaching to the choir, but it still made me want to share it.

What is it that makes us carry around so much stuff all the time, that we don´t really need???

I need a calendar, I need my GTD-lists and I need some sort of capture-tool (pad of paper etc.).
That is (in addition to wallet, money, keys etc.) really all I need and I like this fact!
Though a lot of the extras, such as an internet-connected device are nice to have with me, they are not life-critical!
I think many people bring a lot of stuff with them on an everyday basis that they think they need but do not really need.
But what is really interesting is that bringing these thing makes them neccesary to bring. You sort of get into this line of thought that I can´t leave the house without this or that... But have you ever really tried doing it and experienced how it is?

Letting your self experience without interference.... When´s the last time you tried it???   

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