Monday, June 4, 2012

Breaking back...

Hi there...

After almost a year of silence, I´m reviving this blog. Been finishing the degree, becoming a father and getting my first job definitely took some time and what had to go was this.

But, now I´m gonna make an effort into writing on a regular basis about the joys and frustrations of being a productivity-geek and constantly trying to figure out the best way to get things done.

Last summer I migrated to an Apple-based electronic system of an iPad running iCal and Omnifocus (and a ton of other cool things of course...). It all synced to my Mac and my iPod Touch and worked wonderfully. I spend a one-and-a-half hour commute two times every day to work and was able to do this without bringing my laptop and just using my iPad. The relief of this was worth the price of the iPad, I think.
I synced documents via Dropbox and it worked like a charm for most of the time. Some times I got the weary feeling of lack of control and even fewer times (luckily) they were true. One time, before a major presentation all of my documents in iCloud were locked and I could not do anything for two terrible hours!

Going back and forth, I finally caved in this afternoon and bought myself a new set of Week-on-two-pages inserts for my old Filofax Hamilton (personal size). I´m beginning to feel a heightened sense of control already and cannot wait until I get it up and running completely.

More on this will follow...


  1. Welcome back and I look forward to seeing your newly-outfitted Hamilton!

  2. After the electromagnetic pulse wipes out all electronic office products, we Filofaxers and other paper geeks will rule the world! (just joking)
    As a teacher (supply) I have learned the hardest of ways that technology is a good tool but sometimes, just sometimes, can so be a poor master.

  3. Welcome back & congratulations on becoming a father & your other changes. I love gadgets, but always return to my trusty filofax :)