Sunday, October 21, 2012

Arguments against the Filofax #1: Efficiency and maintenance

With every new Apple device being released and every keynote I see, I always seem to bring out my iPad/iPod touch setup for a little re-evaluation!
I had begun moving my GTD-system into my new FF Finchley which is a rather tiresome task (handwriting 164 projects and almost 1200 actions which my current system consists of).
Doing this made me realize that the electronic format of keeping lists and calendars up-to-date and running, is a extremely convenient way of going about... Everything is everywhere at all times and can easily be accessed from wherever I need it.
Instead of having to handwrite each and every action on the respective page/list in my GTD-system I just punch it in and easily have it accessible everywhere! (This off cause is exactly the thing I love about using a Filofax).
But in keeping with the title; An argument against the Filofax is that fact that it is not as efficient as using an iPhone for instance and it does not sync easily and you data is not available everywhere...
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  1. Filofax is good but its not for everybody...It's one way to be organised..but not the only way..