Sunday, September 23, 2012

There is something rotten in the state of Filo

In an interview with SLAM PRs MD Helena Bloomer she spoke about various clients, among other Filofax. The interview
This spurred quite a stir in the Filofax-community which came as a surprise to me as I didn't find it all that disturbing.

David Popely wrote an open letter as a reply to this which was posted on nearly all Filofax-related sites. Even though it's a wonderful letter, since I do not agree with the points being made, I will refrain from posting it here, but only refer to it.

I mean, why are people getting upset about someone claiming that Filofax-users like to write notes? I write notes in my Filofax all the time and love doing so!
Saying that Filofax-users are very interested in "fashion/stylish accessories" cannot be all that wrong either... Many talk, take pictures, think about, dream about what Filofax one should buy next, how they smell and feel.... Seems to me that could be seen as an interest in a stylish accessory...

I wanna be organized but still maintain a stylish, classy and some would maybe say old fashioned flair of a leather planner. This I truly feel the Filofax-brand provide me with!

The interesting thing about and the challenge to a company like Filofax is exactly how to stay relevant and involved in people's lives in the digital-age!
How to brand oneself as product that can contain "your life in your hands" like the Ashley Temperly-line states...

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  1. Everything is open to interpretation, also everyone is entitled to their opinion...I think Alice temperley interview was the last straw that broke the camels itself I understand where your coming from but I also understand Where the others are coming from too..
    I also agree that certain designs suit some people better than others also size really does matter also the inserts they either suit you or they don't and to a certain extent that is fashion..
    I think the filofax devotee feels that filofax doesn't listen especially about content and quality, ie: quality of paper quality of leather the list goes on.
    Fashion brands don't always say logevity or high reminds me of timberland boots the trusted boot of the tradesman, now no longer because they went fashion cheaper low quality materials yet charged the customer exactly the same price.
    And yes it will be interesting to see how filofax reponds, but also how it fairs not only against the technicalogical advances in personal organisation but against its paper competitors

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    Best wishes, as ever.