Friday, September 7, 2012

Work in progress and working...

Getting started in my new job as a CEO of a small public administration my system got put to a serious test!
My day basically consists of dealing with a large variety of requests and people with all sorts of problem that needs solving. This comes to me by email, phone and in person so I need to be able to keep track of information and jot down things all the time.
A growing amount of paper based materials make the digital format difficult to maintain as do the fact that the main work-database is not accessible from anywhere but at my desk.

So I need to have some sort of analog-based folder that can keep track of various messages, sheets of paper and list all of which change almost daily!

Enter, the Finchley A5 Filofax!
I noticed that the Finchley went on sale some time ago in the Danish FF-store so I waited until it also went on spa 50% sale in the Swedish store because the exchange-rate is much better and the shipping is cheaper to Norway where I live.

Got it this morning and compared to my A5 Classic this is just a totally different experience! The leather, craftsmanship and quality is beyond comparison! Whereas the classic seems glossy, plasticky and a little too bulky for my taste, the Finchley is so nice, smooth as well as classy! I LOVE IT!

I quickly got my files into it and began setting it up and will be tweaking it for the next week or so while I integrate it into my workflow.

Stay tuned...


  1. You forgot crucial information! Which colour did you get? :)

  2. Yes color please! LOL I have a chocolate brown A5 Finchley and I just love it! I actually have 3 Finchleys (pocket, personal and A5). I love the purple personal but the leather is just more stiff and not as soft as the A5 chocolate for some reason. Nevertheless I am on the lookout for an A5 Purple Finchley which are not easy to find in the US for a decent price that I am willing to pay. I use a personal for every day but am setting up by A5 for another purpose. Its so lovely.

  3. I got the chocolate brown Finchley and I must say! IT'S GORGOUS!!!